Lite lender is a leading financial institution in private capital throughout the country, which specializes in home equity loans and is led by a large team of professionals with extensive experience in commercial banking.

In addition, Lite lender also offers loans , adapting to the needs of each person and trying to offer the best conditions for each client.

What does the entity do?

What does the entity do?

Lite lender specializes in home equity loans ; Your house is your refuge, your home … but apart from that, it can also be what gives you the money and liquidity you need.

Lite lender home equity loans are also loans , since having the guarantee of payment of a home, the entity does not assume so much risk accepting applicants on delinquent list and is also a way to grant the necessary liquidity to people so they can settle their debts.

The amount you can access with this credit is a minimum of USD 5,000 and a maximum of USD 300,000. The amount granted will vary depending on the free appraisal they make on your property.

In addition, it also has a team of professionals who will advise you to make the best financial decision and minimize bureaucratic procedures by expediting the application and granting of credits.

What is a home equity loan?

What is a home equity loan?

It is a type of financial product with which you can obtain an amount through the guarantee of a home . That is to say, the guarantee of payment of the credit will be the house or property that you put as collateral.

In order for that property to be used as collateral, it must be in the name of the applicant, and also cannot have economic charges, the maximum charges it may have is 30% of the mortgage.

The amount granted by the entity will depend on the free valuation that you make on your home (flat, house, premises …) and you can get up to USD 300,000. The way to repay the loan is through monthly installments, where you will return the amount borrowed plus interest.

Characteristics and conditions

Characteristics and conditions

The financial service offered by the entity is characterized by its flexible conditions and that adapt to all types of applicants. These are the characteristics and conditions offered:

  • For homeowners : If you are a homeowner or owner with few economic charges, you are the ideal applicant.

  • Free study : An expert financial advisor performs a completely free study without commitment in less than 24 hours.

  • Express appraisal : In two or three days an appraiser values ​​your property for free, to determine what will be the amount they can grant you. The minimum being USD 5,000 and the maximum USD 300,000

  • Income in one week : The financial advisor is responsible for all procedures and documentation. And a week later it is signed before a notary and the money is transferred to your account on the same day of the signature.

  • 20 year return : Flexibility is the key to this product, they offer a return period of up to 20 years and you can also opt for lacks of up to 5 years.

What loans do you offer?

What loans do you offer?

Lite lender offers different types of home equity loans , depending on your situation or the purpose of the loan, you can choose between:

Debt Reunification:

You can obtain a reunification of debts through a loan with the guarantee of your home with this entity. All your debts in a single installment, without the need to change banks.

For reforms:

You have the possibility to finance your home renovations with the endorsement of it. It is a good opportunity to revalue your property and make your investment profitable in a short time.

Acceptance of inheritance:

Inheriting a property but not having liquidity to be able to bear the expenses involved in the transfer is a fairly common situation. With this credit you can obtain the liquidity you need to assume them and in addition, the entity offers free tax advice, without any commitment. And if what you really want in the future is to rent or sell that property, the entity offers you up to 5 years of lack, to be able to assume the arrangements with total comfort and pay less interest.

Without payroll:

If you are at a time in your life when you do not have a payroll at the end of the month but if you are a homeowner, you have the possibility of getting liquidity to go pulling. By providing only the guarantee of your house you can get your credit.


One of the things that Lite lender stands out for is its loans , which they do not take into account if you are on a delinquent list. If you can provide the guarantee of a housing free of charges, you can get the money you need to assume your debts and expenses.